Cuidados de pieles de curtición vegetal


We know that if you are thinking about getting an OA bag or you already have one under your power, you wonder about quality, durability and care that a material as special as leather should receive.

The first thing we would like to let you know is that OA has some firm commitments: using high quality materials and being as responsible as possible with the environment. Here come into play the main features of our bags: flower leather and nappa leather (they are both vegetable tanned leathers).

The artisanal oiled received by our leather provide our products with a unique flexibility and texture, besides an unmistakable scent.

Our products guarantee its durability. That doesn’t mean that they are not delicate materials that need a special care. But following the right steps, having an OA means having a bag for life.

We tell you a few tricks.


Tips to take care of your leather bag

We leave you ten simple but essential steps for the good maintenance of your leather bag:

  • Store it inside its cloth coverThe premium packaging of OA includes a cotton bag that we make especially for your bag and that is perfect to keep it.
  • In case you do not use your bag daily or very frequently, fill it with paper so that it does not lose its form. Avoid any paper that contains ink, such as newspaper, to avoid staining the bag.
  • Do not leave it exposed to sunlight, as it could affect its hue. Keep it in a dry place away from sunlight.
  • Avoid stacking several bags to prevent the risk of deforming when exerting weight on each other. When placing your order at OA, you can add a box made to measure for your bag, so you can save it individually and keep it in perfect conditions. But you can also reutilize any box you already have.
  • If you want to clean it after daily use, you can use a dry white cotton cloth for daily cleaning.
  • If you have been caught by rain, don’t worry, use a white cotton cloth to dry it, but never use a dryer or another source of heat because the leather will wrinkle and crack.
  • To restore the softness, hydration and shine use specific products for leather care. For bags of vegetable tanned flower leather, like those of our Tubular collection, use natural beeswax. We guarantee that you will love its scent and results.
  • Surely it is not the first time you spill something in a bag. That's why, if you usually carry cosmetics or perfume, keep them in a toilet bag or isolated in some way to avoid disasters.
  • Try not to load the bag to its weight limit to avoid, above all, damage on the handles.
  • Try not to touch it with dirty hands or with products excess, such as creams, to avoid staining it. 


Possible catastrophes for your leather bag

Even when you have put all your effort to keep the leather of your bag intact, we cannot control everything and accidents happen, c'est la vie! Luckily, (almost) everything material can be repaired. Our main recommendation is that you go to a professional; putting yourself in good hands will prevent the catastrophe from getting worse. But in case you want to try it or if the spot or mark is not big, we tell you some tricks that you can put into practice.

  • There are more complicated liquids than water, and one of them is wine.
    Well, how do you clean a red wine stain from your leather bag? The most important thing is that, if possible, clean it as soon as possible to prevent it from penetrating the leather. Then:
    • Fill a clean sock with a cup of salt and knot it to keep it from getting out.
    • Put it on the stain and press so that the salt can begin to absorb the wine.
    • Pour two cups of warm water into a bowl and moisten a rag to remove the stain. Avoid rubbing hard to avoid damaging the leather.
    • Finally, dry it with another cloth, patting and let it finish drying in the air. 

Another option in this case would be, first, to place absorbent paper on the stain and then apply a mixture of cleansing milk with 90-degree alcohol diluted in water.


  • If you find a burn in your leather bag, the best option is to take it to a workshop or to a specialist, because using oils and waxes the burn can be disguised.
  • Finally it happened: something has been spilled inside the bag and it has been stained. The most important thing is to use an absorbent material that dries the bag beforehand, but always avoid drying it with radiators, dryers, direct sun or any other source of heat.
  • You do not know how it got there, but if your bag has a gum stuck, wait until it has hardened and rub with an ice cube in a (recycled!) plastic bag (it will make it even harder) before removing it.
  • When facing a grease stain, talcum may be a solution, but it is important that it does not touch the bag. The best option would be to make a cloth bag with talc and rice and leave it on the stain for several hours (controlling the appearance every so often) to absorb the grease.


As we already said, going to a professional is always the best option. Knowledge and experience are the best tools to propose solutions. 

In any case, remember that our products are covered by the OA guarantee and if you have any questions we will be happy to help you.


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