This is a question that we would really like to ask every customer that has already trusted in us or anyone who put an OA on his or her hands, but we’ve found fun to show you our view. That’s why we’ve decided to ask every member of the OA team for her vision.

In this case, it is Marta Gámez, from Communication & Marketing team, who talks about it.

Sustainable fashion - Sustainable leather bags

Why choosing OA?, by Marta Gámez: 

A special event, a Monday morning, a date, a casual look, a work meeting, a classy dress… And a different bag for each situation; the accessory that puts on the final touch. Wherever you are, you can go out and find thousands of options at every step. You don’t have enough time? You can buy what you need at a click of a mouse in less than ten minutes and even have it with you in 24 hours.

There’s no doubt that options are endless. Then, why would you buy an OA?

OA is versatility. Everybody talks about the perfect bag, but is there anything more perfect than a bag that fits into every situation? And it’s not only adaptable to your look, but also to your comfort. If your OA has different handles, you may interchange them; if it has only one, you may adapt it in different ways; and if you are looking for a handbag, just take it off. Add this versatility to the simplicity and minimalism characteristic of our designs and the result is clear: OA is timelessness.

By purchasing an OA you get more than a bag, you get quality; quality materials, because all our bags are made from the best leather &mdashand what a leather! &mdash, and manufacturing quality, because we handcraft them one by one, with love and professionalism, in our atelier in Málaga or Ubrique. No doubt, choosing OA is choosing a unique bag, a lifetime bag, that’s why OA is also guarantee.

And, of course, we leave the best for the end: OA is sustainability. All our materials are environmentally responsible: our leather is free of chromium and heavy metals, our silver is recycled, we use free nickel trimmings… And we not only control the sustainability of our processes, but we also guarantee the sustainability of our sources of supply.

That’s why choosing OA is always a plus. Choosing OA is more than choosing a bag; is doing your bit to help, is sharing responsibilities and values, is lending a hand, is not ignoring a reality that we don’t see but that it does exist. Choosing OA is being conscious, is being part of the change. Choosing OA is being OA.   

 Sustainable fashion - Sustainable leather bags

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