All our products are handmade in a small atelier in Andalusia, in southern Spain. They are unique pieces exclusively designed and manufactured with great care by a team of passionate people who love their work.

OA spends a lot of time creating timeless items with high quality sustainable materials and paying special attention to every detail.

We conceive, plan, dream, design, prototype and make thousand of tests in our atelier. This is not a job for us, this is a passion, is the result of a continuous pursuit of a perfection that probably doesn’t exist but that motivates us to be better every day.

The design of all our models takes as much time as necessary to create a handmade leather item precisely and carefully manufactured. That’s why countless steps and processes are needed for a product to be definitely ready.

We believe in making things with soul and passion. We create timeless pieces thanks to artisan hands that keep techniques and traditions alive.