Sustainable leather


The quality, durability and care that a material as special as leather should receive is something that concern us when we want to invest in a good leather bag.

In OA we use high quality leather. Our bags are made mostly of flower leather and nappa leather, both vegetable tanned. Thanks to the artisan greasing of all our leathers, our products have a unique flexibility and texture, as well as an unmistakable smell.

The durability of our leather is guaranteed, but that does not mean that they are not sensitive materials that require special care. Sometimes this care is minimal, no need to panic! Anyways, if you follow the appropriate advice, having an OA is having a bag for life.

We tell you a few tips.

How to store your leather bag?

  • The best option is to keep your leather bag inside its own cover, like the cotton bag that includes the premium packaging of OA.
  • Stuffing it with paper (recycled if possible) will prevent its deformation if you do not use it very often. It is best not to use paper that has color or ink (such as newspaper) because it could stain the inside of the bag.
  • It is important not to expose it to sunlight. Choose a dry place far from sunlight.
  • Avoid stacking several bags to prevent being deformed by weight. The Premium packaging of OA includes a box made to measure so that you can store it and keep it in perfect condition.

How to clean your leather bag?

If you simply want to clean your bag after daily use, we recommend using a dry white cotton cloth.

If it gets wet, dry it also with a cotton cloth. Avoid using a dryer or other heat source at all costs to dry your bag because the skin will wrinkle or crack.

Maintenance tips and tricks

To restore smoothness, moisture and shine, use specific products for leather care. In case of our flower leather (like the one on our Tubular collection), we recommend using natural beeswax. It will bring a great softness to the leather and an unmistakable smell.

We tell you a few tricks for a good maintenance:

  • If you carry cosmetics or perfume inside the bag, keep them inside a toilet bag or keep them isolated in some way to prevent them from spilling.
  • Try not to load the bag to its limit to avoid damaging the handles.
  • Try not to touch it with your hand dirty or with products excesses, such as creams, to avoid staining it.

Do not forget that your OA bag has a warranty period and, in addition, you can always contact us to resolve any questions or to help you with any advice or arrangement. We are available through the web chat or at hello@oawellmade.com


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Sustainable leather