It is very important for us to know your opinion about our know-how, especially on issues related to sustainability and quality.

The OA Day is a way of thanking you for your help and support. It is a monthly proposal that will take place every 19th of the year. That day, we choose a question and anyone who wants can participate in the raffle by choosing the best answer for you. Among all the participants, we will riffle some products so you can know them, feel them and smell them.

Let´s celebrate! Happy OA day!


What do you think we should do with all the bag samples? We spend a lot of time designing and creating these pieces and we truly love them, but we think we can not sell them as new items and we would like to find the most sustainable solution to make them last. 

A. Sell them with a 50% off (or more)
B. Destroy them to recycle around the 40% of the materials
C. Raffle them when celebrating The OA Day
D. Other

Raffle’s resolution:


What product would you like us to make and include in the next collection?

Raffle’s resolution:


Do you think we should incorporate a vegan option? Just answer YES or NO, but if you could also tell us which one and why, that would be great!

Raffle's resolution:


Do you think we have enough colors in our collections or are you missing any of them?

Raffle's resolution:


Do you usually look at the tag of the goods you buy to know their materials and the origin of their production? Answer honestly ❤️

Raffle's resolution: