We take transparency very seriously in OA and we know how important is to know the “story” of the items we buy.

We want you to know the traceability of OA pieces, to understand the process and to know the price.

When we talk about traceability we refer the whole processes, location and trajectory of a product along the supply chain. That is to say: being aware and having control of every part in the production process of any of our bags or jewels.

That includes knowing the raw material and conditions under which those materials are manipulated.

OA guarantees that all materials are sustainable, ecological, certified or nearby and that it manufactures and sell its items taking control of the whole process. We also guarantee a decent job to all the people involved in each supply, production and manufacturing chain.

OA is 100% traceable

Traceability is not an utopia for us. It is a reality. OA knows the name of each and every hand that manipulates our bags or any of our items, from the raw material, passing through the design, production or packaging until they leave the atelier.

We control the whole supply and production chain, guaranteeing the legality and the sustainability of the supply sources.

OA doesn’t have intermediaries

OA manufactures in its atelier and we work as a team with collaborators who are part of the family, but we don’t work with third parties, factories or big industrial producers. We love collaborating with artisans or brands that share our values and with whom we can establish synergies and long-term relationships.