About us

OA also has a life story. One of those stories that take shape by “trial and error”, a story full of choices and perfect consequences.
OA stops being something personal for becoming something conceptual, becoming a way of thinking, behaving and living.
OA represents the ability to choose in a world full of options and contradictions. It represents the duality that we share. It symbolizes polarity and opposite forces, but it also represents fusion and unity.
OA represents sensibility and respect for the world that surrounds us, and also represents the chance of doing things with the soul, as they’ve always been made.
OA represents durability and timelessness, truthfulness and purity. OA is the present, but is also the past and the future. OA is tradition and modernity.
OA means the change that takes good things from the future to bring back the past. And it also saves the past to reach a better future. That’s why OA is not only about what, but it also attends to how, where, who and how much.
OA is quality better than quantity. OA means conscience. It means commitment and responsibility because we are the product of our choices. Sartre already said it: We are our Choices. And we have chosen to be OA. We choose to do things the right way.